Jakob Gerhardt-Direkt Wine Selling is Ideal Because …

… the wine product goes directly from the wine producer to the wine lover and is presented professionally. Each one of our salesmen is part wine grower and has an excellent knowledge of wine and its diverse possibilities.

Jakob Gerhardt comes to you and that is why we know exactly what you and our customers expect: A wine connoisseut would like to sample a new wine prior to pruchasing it and when smell it, taste it and feel it. Our wine sampling les you do so in the comfort of your own home.


You can sample, discuss and, of course, order when you feel most comfortable. Our nationwide delivery services deliver wine directly to your door. There is no trace of anonymity. No, we know each other, the taste of the customer, their preferences and their environment. Purchasing wine always means placing trust. The reverse of this is top priority for us, namely, to respect and sustain this valuable asset. The many comments and letters received from customers throughout Germany over the years are a testament to the special trust in our wines and sellers.

Wine lovers write to us delighted about their experiences with the exceptional quality of the wines, even years after cellaar maturation. Customerrs send us ther favorite recipes to go with the wine from our vineyards, ranging from the simple Spargelwein (wine to accompany asparagus) to the rop Riesling wines from the famous Red Slope in Nierstein.

Vertrauen beruht auf Einhaltung von Versprechen, auf Zuverlässigkeit, Pünktlichkeit und Verbindlichkeit In einer enger werdenden Welt wird die Pflege der Kultur und ein respektvolles Miteinander immer wichtiger. Wir stehen dazu:

Experience Jakob Gerhardt´s direct wine selling and arrange a presentation in your home