Family and History in the World Wide Web

In recent years the forms and means of communication have changed tremendously, but pesonal contact to our customers is still the most impotant form for us. Now the internet offers another way to get in touch and gather information which we would like te breifly present to you in www format.

Who, when und where

Jakob Gerhardt is the name of our long established winery and the champagne cellar that is steeped in tradition. Founded in 1553, the Niersteiner Schlosskellerei was taken over in 1958 and today provides an extensive product range through high quality imported wines from selected wine producing countries.

Max Dieter Altmann and his son, Oliver, manage the company, whose name goes back to thefouding Gerhaardt family. Jakob Gerhardt was born into a family of vintners in 1811, who had already been cultivating its own vineyards since the start of the 18th century. A document from 1751 provides written proof of a wine growing tradition that goes back more than 260 years.

Johann Peter Jakob Gerhardt, his son who was born in 1854, focused on the cellarman trade and on the associated wine trade. The first name, Jakob, was passed down through the generations and, incidentally, so was one of the region´s most stunning wine cellars with wooden barrels which you can tour when you visit us. In 1987, Max Dieter Altmann acquired the centuries as a family operation. In this vain, the name Jakob Gerhardt has remained under the new owner family.

Jakob Gerhardt

Values, vision and wine

In contrast to many large wineries that have enolved to anonymously-managed corporate groups, Jakob Gerhardt is and remains a family operation. Not only are the current ownersrepresented in the copany with several generations, but so are many employee familie as well. The qualities which the Altmann family continually embodies – vision, keenness for wine and pleasure in innovation, coupled with diverse ideas from the employees in office sales and field sales – are what keep the Jakob Gerhardt winery at a very high level in all areas.

Altmann Sr. (management) handles the strategic focus and, together with his son, Oliver, he makes plans to rap into new markets, intorduce new sales channels and ensure a healthy wxpansoin. The operatige business is managed be the second manager, Pierre Boos. As a Franchman the passion for wine is so to speak in his blood and, meanwhile, as a wine expert he can look back on over 30 years experience in direct wine selling.

Under his management, sales direcots oversee numerous employees and trade partners, some of whom hhave been active for many decades. Here working together harmoniously ensures cooperation.

Jakob Gerhardt MitarbeiterJakob Gerhardt Mitarbeiter

Wishes become wine

Since 1920, tavelling salespeople, whose job often entailed taking train trips that lasted for several day, sold wine to pprvate households and restaurateurs throughout Germany. The positive side effect is that Jakob Gerhardt always has an ear to the market and can therefore react quickly to customer requests.

Even today this connection is wxtemely impotant, and we hope that our website improves the contact to you and serves to put you in a pleasant mood or as a practical follow-up if one of our salesmen visits you.


it is also our goal to pass along new wine experinces to our customers on an ongoing basis. With this in mind, we have been maintaining long-standing trade relations to European wine growingg countries and are thus in a position to also offer you these wines at reasonalbe rates. Furthermore, wines from the New World and Africa are availabe, meaning zthat we can send your palate on a trip around thee world, so to speak.