Quality and Security – The Basis for trust, the Reason for Enjoyment

German Wine-Law is not only one of the most rigouous in the world, but is also carefully monitored in practice. In Rhine-Hesse alone there are more inspectors than in all of France.

Everything from plating rights for set wine varieties and exact cellar accounting to filling and delivery has to be correct and must be fully trackable. In addition, there are other EU regulations because everything that comes into contact with wine has to be equally trackable – so bottles, corks or other caps and cardboard packaging and labels.

Over and above these legal stipulations we have defined and intorduced our own quality assurance at Jakob Gerhardt. Before the wine is even released for sale it is sampled and analyzed once again. Only then is it shipped to the customer.

In the vineyards special Jakob-Gerhardt norms already apply. Our focuus is clearly set on quality as oopposed to quantity. For this reason special attention is given to viine pruning and the subsequent budding of the young shoots to procuce a few but concentrated grapes. Insecticides are not used for the most part. in the cellar natural substances are used eclusively for the fermentation, purification, filtation and the maturing and refining of wine. Our winery in Dexheim is one the most modern facilities in Europe, but today´s demanding wine production does not succeed without experiencee, tradition and nature. “In the cellar one can only refine the gift of nature, technology should never be an end to itself,” says our cellar manager. Every wine of evey new year bings with it new challenges and peculiaritios which rewuire the expertise, experience and passion of our cellar manager.


but quality doesn´t just apply to wine. At Jakob Gerhardt professional advice is just as much a part as the presentation and ability to fulfill the wishes of the customers or to surpass their expectations fof our qualified wine consultants!

It goes without saying that the claim to quality is also present throughout the entire logistics operation. Delivery dates, for instance, are notified. Depending on the customer´s wishes thee wine is brought into the basement or right int the home. Smaller orders are delivered to your door by the postal service.