Rhine-Hesse – More than great

Rhine-Hesse id the largest wine growing area in Germany and for Jakob Gerhardt naturally also very special. Whith roughly 26,300 hectares in vineyards Rhine-Hesse is situated in the sweeping triangle between Mainz, Worms and Bingen. To the north and east is it surrounded by the large Rheinbogen. In the area around Bingen and in the well-known Rheinterasse in Nierstein just before Worms, rising hillsides along the Rhine characterize the wine region. To the west, rolling hills with gentle elevations and virigin landscapes tend to exude a Mediterranean flair.

Nierstein – The roots of Jakob Gerhardt, birthplace of wine

The roots of the Wein- & Sektkellerei Jakob Gerhardt are in Nierstein. Long before the start of the 19th century when Jakob Gerhardt was cultivating the areas at the Rhine knee near Nierstein an Oppenheim, the Romans had already gown to appreciate the climate an the soil of this region. Viticulture in Nierstein dates back to 20 BC and Nierstein Glöck, documented in 752 as being the first ever vineyard, is also located here. This long-standing and unique vineyard is still being cultivated by Jakob Gerhardt and used for the production of descerning white wines.

Nierstein – The most beautiful region for good wine

Rhine-Hesse is beautiful. It is a wine growing region that abounds in culture, tradition and people who are both social and cosmopolitan. And that is why you should visit Nierstein and, of course, our winery or even better: Why don´t you take a short trip with “Vino Tours” to Gerhardtshof?
Here you will experience culinary wine tasting with a variety of wines and original dishes such as Spiessbraten (grilled steaks), Backeskartoffeln (potato casserole with meat and onions) or Spundekäs (white cream cheese). You can learn more about our VinaTours offers with special wine tours in Germany and Europe at: www.vinotours.de.

When visting Rhine-Hesse, Nierstein or Oppenheim we also recommend our Wein- und Parkhotel located right in the heart of Nierstein. Here you will find a blend of enjoyment, relaxation and a complete pampering program which will turn your trip into an experience.

Whether for a holiday, a short trip, cultural tip or wine sampling – the Wein- und Sektkellerei Jakob Gerhardt looks forward to your visit.